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It’s true, the words are flowing now. And the cool part, nothing is being said…

How I roll baby. 

Why now? First of all I bought me a new computer- a MacBook Air. I’d been toting around a MacBook Pro since 2012 and frankly, with that thing, as the years went on the computer got slower and slower and, and this is odd, heavier and heavier. At the moment it takes about 11 minutes to boot up from a sleep state and last I checked she tipped the scales at 125Lbs. More than Mrs S. 

The MacBook Air is so light that it’s a matter of fact on a recent trip out west I repeatedly checked my backpack to make sure it as still there. Figured I forgotten it somewhere. 

BTW I’ve also been toting around an HP Spectre PC the top of the line X360 version. I have HATED that stupid machine since the day I bought. If you ask my friends I’ve been complaining about it since 2014 when I bought it. The track pad on that stupid thing is so big that you can’t help but drag your fingers across it on almost every move, making windows, apps and cursors move all over the damn place making me lose work on more than one occasion. 

The other problem, after years of fanboyship for Windows products and a nice seamless upgrade to Windows 10, stuff started to stop working. Simple workflows were made more difficult by either needless complications, or missing functionality. See windows photo app, Visio etc. So and after a couple drivers were found to be out of date and I had to update the bios nothing like a driver/bios issue to make one start thinking about Mac’s again.

So I’m happy with the purchase, only thing missing is the Retina display. The HP machine has an even better display than the Retna.. but I’ll give it up for ease of use and a “just works” approach. 

Don’t care to have any other Apple products, but they do make good computers. 

And on the Mac platform comes MarsEdit, a blogging app that allows me to link directly to my blog. Word used to do this but about 20 upgrades ago it stopped working and I stopped trying. 

Nice to have easy back. 

So there you go, why you’re enjoying more of my intimate sharing.

Also I missed it. A lot. Even thought Blogging is pretty much dead these days, it’s been left to old farts like me who remember when the Internet as a bit more individual and creative as opposed commercial and evil. Ahh good times, good times. 

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