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Greeting from Atlanta GA. I’m enjoying The a Saturday night at the Atlanta Marriott watching hoops on TV and enjoying a luxurious memory foam bed. 

I’m supposed to be on a overnight flight to Madrid where I’m speaking at a conference next week. This trip has had a bit of jinx on it from the start. Communication issues, late itineraries and general malaise. My flight from MSP was late because Air Traffic Control couldn’t get Waze to work in the cockpit and the pilots didn’t know how to get to ATL. Something about thunderstorms and do you turn left or right at Nashville. I don’t know. I arrived in ATL about 30 minutes late and did my best OJ Simpson (the happy Oj version) jumping chairs and RUNNING from Terminal A gate 15 (last one) to Terminal F Gate 22. A run that involved to concourses and five tram stops. 

I arrived at the gate at 5:40. Departure was 5:50. And despite being able to see the plane was not able to board the plane because they closed the doors 15 minutes early because “everyone was on board”. Well, not everyone. 

Interfacing with the Delta Customer assistance folks is downright painful. They probably have the worst job in the world dealing with hoards of people wit missed connections. I get it. But in that situation, it’s best not to lie to your customers as in “Im sorry you missed your flight we keep the gate open until right before we take off so if you had made it…” 


Oh you made it, well we have to close the gate 20 minutes early on flights to be sure we on time because departure time means on the runway taking off, 

Lame, and dumb. 

Then I learned that I can get on the next flight on Sunday at the same time. Since the delay was due to Air Traffic, and not Delta, I’d have to pay for the hotel. But good news is they’ve negotiated a deal at a local hotel for 1/2 the normal rate. 


Seats? Do I have a seat? You do but I can’t tell you where it is. The flight is sold out so it will be a middle seat. 

Middle seat to Madrid? 8 hours? I’d rather cancel the whole trip. 

I won’t know until tomorrow. 

Then she looked up- Anything else? We’re done here, oh here’s your complimentary shaving kit, see you tomorrow. 


On the way to the hotel shuttle I noticed that I was staying at the Ramada Inn??? 

Ramada Inn? In Atlanta? I checked the online reviews. 

Averaging rating 1.5 stars on trip advisor. Issues- Dirty rooms, dated decor, poor service and crappy neighborhood. 

Price online was EXACTLY THE SAME PRICE Delta wanted of the room. 

Not doing it. Found a room at the local Marriott where I have about a million points. Took the shuttle. 15 people on the shuttle. 14 Delta employees and me. So apparently the Marriott is good for their team members but for their customers, we go with the Ramada. 

Travel ain’t as glamorous as I thought it would be. 

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