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The Lego Hotel In Florida Has Finally Opened Its Doors…

The Lego Hotel In Florida Has Finally Opened Its Doors… And It’s Everything You Could’ve Imagined

One of the biggest challenges families face going to a hotel is making sure the kids are happy. Let’s face it. Children’s minds are constantly adapting, changing, exploring, and they have voracious appetites for entertainment. Well, there’s a hotel in Winter Haven, Florida that has all of your child entertainment needs covered in blocky spades. Imagine a giant hotel and resort made into a Lego wonderland.

It might look something a bit like this. Yes… that’s a steam puffing dragon greeting you.


The entire place is themed after the famous toy line. Even the reception desk has an entire wall with over 5,000 Lego minifigures.


There are over 2,000 Lego characters to greet your kids. There is an interactive Lego castle area with pirates, ogres, and a lego filled moat!


At the “Bricks Family Restaurant”, there is a buffet station designed for children’s height that serves tasty yet healthy options.


There are even “Master Lego Builder” classes for kids (big and small).


The scenery of the hotel is brightly colored and maintains a sense of fantasy.


There are 152 rooms, all geared towards different themes. Each room holds five people, and they’re divided into adult and child sleeping areas. Additionally, there are legos galore to create your own room decorations!


There’s even girl-themed rooms for the little princess(es) in your life.

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